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Go Cart Racing

K1 Cart Race

Chair Person: Mike Nelson

WHEN: Saturday November 13th at 6:00 pm

WHERE: K1 Speed 301 Hastings Dr, in Buffalo Grove. Just north of Lake Cook Rd
COST: $ 80.00

The Powder Dogs again had fun driving around a race track 3 different times in electric go carts. The Powder Dogs their own Grand Prix and were the only ones on the track. The event included three different times out on the track.

The first time out on the track is practice. Use this time to get a feel for your cart and the track. First timers should follow the experienced drivers to help learn the track. The second time out is for qualifying for your position in the third time out. You are not racing against anyone but yourself. You'll have around 15 laps to get your fastest lap time. The person with the fastest lap time will start in front on the third time out. The slowest time will start in the rear. Etc. The third time out is the official Grand Prix race. This is where you'll be racing against the others to be the first to finish. The first three finishers receive trophies.

Helmets are supplied but make sure to wear good athletic shoes. Heels, clogs, and flip flops are not allowed.

Afterwards, the group went to Lou Malnati's in Buffalo Grove for dinner.

Powder Dogs like go carting.
K1 Go Cart WinnersSki Brule

Mike, Steven, Jim

Powder Dogs
K1 Go Cart Group 2022

Mike, Steven, Jim, Rick, Dan, John, Marty, Fran

Past Carting Events
WHEN: Saturday, November 9, 2019
WHEN: Saturday, October 28, 2017
WHEN: Saturday, November 12, 2016
WHEN: Saturday, September 19, 2015
WHEN: Saturday, May 2011

Indoor go carting is becoming more and more popular every year. Because the track is inside, you can kart all season. These are not ordinary go karts. These carts can exceed 35 mph and require you to brake when going into the turns or you will crash into the wall. A neck brace and helmet is needed due to the braking and bumping that goes on

At K1 Speed, every single one of their tracks is professionally designed and built so people can race regardless of the weather. Though this may not make much of a difference in Southern California, as you know, weather in Chicago can have a mind of its own! What separates K1 Speed apart from the competition is their high-performance, all-electric go-karts. When put side-by-side with the anemic, heavy, lawn mower-powered karts of your youth, there is simply no comparison. K1 karts are designed in Europe, the heartland of modern kart design, and are powered by environmentally friendly, zero-emission electric motors. With maximum torque available from 0 rpm and the equivalent of 20hp, their karts can achieve a top speed approaching 45mph in mere seconds. The performance is enough to push you back in your seat under acceleration, and extracting the maximum performance from these karts takes some talent. However, with power that’s adjustable based on the needs of the driver, the karts are accessible to individuals of all skill sets and experience, from novices to veteran racers.

2017 Go Cart recap:
We had Powder Dogs cart racing at K1 racing in Buffalo Grove. This is becoming an annual event and fills up almost every time. If you have photos from this event please send them to the webmaster.

These Powder Dogs had a great time go carting.

2016 Go Cart recap:
We had 8 racers. 1st place- Mike Nelson, 2nd place- Steven Nelson, 3rd place- Rick Pasturczak. Other Powder Dogs racers were Dave Clark, Dan Chapala, Jennifer Heimos and some friends.

The Powder Dogs Grand Prix consisted of two 12 lap practice rounds, and then a final 16 lap race.

These Powder Dogs had a great go carting.

2015 Go Cart recap:
The Powder Dogs had their own Grand Prix race. The Grand Prix consist of a 12 lap practice round, 14 lap qualifying, and then the final 16 lap race. We had 10 racers.

Group photo and top three winners shown here.

These Powder Dogs had a great go carting. Stay at the Plaza Hotel in Wausua Wisconsin The wolf river rapids are a fun feature of the rafting trip

2011 Go Cart recap:
The 2011 go cart was held prior to K1 taking over when it was Chicago Indoor Racing. CIR had gas powered cars and racers had to wear the fire proof suits.

These Powder Dogs had a great go carting. Stay at the Plaza Hotel in Wausua Wisconsin

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