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Bowling Night

Chairperson: Jim Ulasovich
WHEN: Friday, April 30th, 2021 at 7:00pm
WHERE: PINSTRIPES 100 W Higgins, South Barrington IL
DIRECTION: In the Arboretum Mall on North East corner of Routes 59 and 72.
COST: $15 per person per hour including shoe rental plus tax; order off menu for food and drinks!
RECAP: This outing of bowling at Pinstripes in South Barrington had nine Powder Dogs participating. We had two hours of bowling, eating, drinking, and much fun.
Here are some bowling observations from your President:
Powder Dogs
Bowling 2021

Powder Dogs at Pinstripes

Powder Dogs bowling 2021
Bowling 2021

Jim and Hope at Pinstripes!

Powder Dogs
Bowling 2021

Rick and Karen are up!

Powder Dogs
Bowling 2021

Max at Pinstripes!

2019 Bocce Ball and Bowling

Chairperson: Jeannie Conway
WHEN: Friday, September 20th evening
WHERE: Pinstripes,100 W Higgins, South Barrington IL

Anyone with photos from the 2019 Bocce Ball event please send them to the webmaster.

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