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Ski and Snowboard Trips

The Powder Dogs take day trips, weekend trips and week long trips. Trips are probably the number one reason why people join a ski / snowboard club. You also have a group of people to ski and snowboard with so you enjoy your trip more. This is a great way to make new friends. Many members have met life long friends on a ski trip. And if you've never been to the area, chances are someone on the trip has and can help show you around.

The advantages of going on a trip with a group.

A group of 25 or more get much better discounts than a family can get. But more than that, someone does all the planning, makes the arrangements, and makes sure your trip goes right. Take a hassle free ski trip or snowboard trip where the trip committee makes all the arrangements for you. The total trip cost is broken down per a payment schedule.

Just take a look at some of our previous trips to see all that is included. All you need to do is come to the meeting and pay. Find out about details by coming to the next meeting!

Look into some of our future trips and look at some of our past trips to see what is included in the trip packages. Find out more details by coming to the next meeting!

Annual Alpine Accessories Trip: Snowmass CO; 1st week of April 2022

Tuesday Nights Local Trips

Every 2nd Tuesday; arrive on your schedule, then meet the group at 7pm!

If at Alpine Valley meet at ______
If at Wilmot Meet at Walts Tavern at 7:00pm.

Find out where to meet for future dates at the club monthly meeting or the club email.

Connect with other skiers and boarders

Find out where other members are going on day trips and arrange to meet up at the next meeting!

Past Trips

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