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This page was last updated 3/23/2014


Look at the smiles on the some Powder Dogs members enjoying a trip.


Do you like skiing and snowboarding?

So do the Powder Dogs
Ski and Snowboard Club members.

Join us for
summer and winter fun!

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Welcome new members-
Meg Lane, Chris Zaruba,
Dave Clark, Don Theodore,
Hank Olesen.

Board Meeting-
There will be a board meeting on April 15th at Paul's house.

What activity would you like to see for the summer? We'd like to hear your ideas.  Email your ideas to PowderDogs@gmail.com .

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8th at Giordano's in Algonquin. Social hour is between 7 and 8 pm. Meeting starts somewhere around 8 pm depending on the mood of the President.

See Meetings Page for more info.

The group is back from Big Sky.
Jim Conway and Lynn Creegan won medals in the CMSC race. Get details of the trip.

Where would you'd like to go next season?
A survey has been emailed to get your suggestions. Make sure to fill it out by April 1st. Your suggestions help the committee to decide where to visit.

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