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This page was last updated 8/13/2014

Do you enjoy skiing and snowboarding?  Do you enjoy biking, paddleboarding and partying?
So do the Powder Dogs! Join us for summer and winter fun!



Stand up paddleboarding, bike outing, Venetian Party night this summer.   See events page.


Latest news


Meeting Trips

The larger the club, the better leverage they have with getting lower prices for trips.

In July, the Powder Dogs and Snowseekers board members had a meeting to toss around ideas on how our two clubs can interact together for events and trips. You will see our two clubs share some events and trips to help us both. More details at the next meeting.

Past Events-
Stand Up Paddleboarding and picnic recap.

Venetian night and party recap.

Visit our Events page for more information.


Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th at Dover's Straits in Mundelein. Social hour is between 7:00 and 8:00 pm.

This meeting is in conjunction with Snowseekers meeting.

See Meetings Page for more info.

The trip committee has decided on two weekend trips and a west trip to Steamboat for 2015.

See trip page for details

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