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Upcoming Bike Outings

LaCross Bike Trip

Chairperson: Laura Middaugh
When: July 14-15, 2019
Where: La Crosse River Trail
Cost: Lodging, food, gas and $5 trail pass.
On July 14th, we will head to La Crosse, Wisconsin to bike the La Crosse River Trail. Transportation and lodging will be on your own but we will coordinate with everyone going. We plan to ride about 20 miles on the 14th and 15 miles on the 15th. Options for shorter or longer rides are available. The only cost outside of lodging and food will be a trail pass that costs $5 per day. Contact Laura Middaugh with questions or to RSVP. Email strolau@yahoo.com

Past Bike Outings

Elroy Wisconsin Bike Trip

Chairperson: Laura Middaugh, contact her at 815-404-1204
When: Sunday, June 3rd 2018. 12:00 pm.
Where: Benders in Elroy Wisconsin
Cost: Admission is free

MEET AT: Benders at 213 E Main St, in Elroy Wisconsin. at noon on Saturday June 3rd. The group will share lunch and then go on an approimately 22 mile ride on the trail. If you are interesed in staying overnight we will ride another 16 miles on Monday morning. Talk to Laura regarding the accomodations.

Irene Lynn Laura and Hope at the Elroy bike trail. Elroy Station Rockwalls at Elroy bike trail Elroy Wisconsin bike trail tunnel. Elroy Wisconsin bike trail map.

Wisconsin Weekend Bike Trip

Chairperson: Hope Grahl
When: Saturday, June 17 - 18th, 2017
Where: Elroy-Sparta bike trail at the Kendall Trailhead
Cost: $25.00 for lodging

MEET AT: Meeting at the Hidden Grill at 213 White Street. the Kendall Trailhead at noon.

THE LODGING: Camping cabin has bedding and towels provided. One big room with three double beds. We are carpooling and will text those going with the details. Don't forget to bring a flashlight for the tunnels on the trail as they are pitch black.

Powder Dog trip to the Wisconsin bike trail. Hope, Lynn and Laura on a bike ride.

Lodging for bike outing weekend. Weekend bike outing accommodations. Weekend bike outing.

Sugar River Trail Bike outing recap

Chairperson:Laura Middaugh
Attending: was Laura Middaugh, Rick & Laurie Pasturczak, Mike Nelson, Lynn Creegan, Hope Grahl
When: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Where: Sugar River Trail in New Glarus, WI.

We drove up to Monticello, Wisconsin (about a 2 hour drive) and biked on the Sugar River Trail into New Glarus where we toured around the town and ate lunch along the bike path. After eating lunch in New Glarus we took a trek to the old train tunnel which was about 1/4 mile long and pitch black inside along with being about 20 degrees cooler which felt good on a 85 degree day. Then we biked back to the vehicles. Total trip was around 15 miles.

The Sugar River Trail. New Glaris bike trail The bike trail in Wisconsin

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